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Ready for College, Career, and Life
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Mission Statement

Macon Early College will teach students practical skills that will improve overall achievement and satisfaction with school while preparing them for college, career, and life.
Our vision is for every student to graduate from Macon Early College ready for college, ready for career, and ready for life.
Macon Early College (MEC) is a small alternative high school in Macon County, within the Franklin city limits. MEC serves grades 9-13 and is fully integrated into the Southwestern Community College system. This partnership is an ongoing collaborative team of college and high school personnel, shared resources and calendars which has aided in the development of a nurturing environment aimed at college-readiness, the world of work and beyond. 
Located on a community college satellite campus, our students are exposed to and participate in a wide variety of academic disciplines and experience the rigor, quantity, and quality of work expected in an academic college setting. In order to contribute to the success of our students, Macon Early College has a number of tools in place to promote achievement and facilitate a college going culture and climate:
·         Purposefully designed activities for incoming freshmen to assist in the transition from a traditional middle 
          school to an accelerated high school.
·         On-site tutors for ELA and mathematics are available throughout the school day. 
·         The majority of our classrooms are housed in one building at the SCC Macon Campus.
·         The class size is generally 20 students or smaller. 
·         The curriculum is designed so that all students graduate with at least some college credits.